Monday, September 13, 2010

Invitations or Why cutting paper requires a PhD.

Right about when I was feeling my lowest, the immediate moment that I thought, "That's it, the only person I can count on is myself..." I got the call. My friend offered to help me make my invitations, more than that she offered an ear, some sound advice and a couple of, "Well they can just go fuck themselves," to the world ...Basically she handed me a perfectly mixed cocktail of love and support. I bought a ticket to Pittsburgh for $100 and packed my bags. Frankly the invitations were just a beard. I needed three days in pajamas saturated in girl talk and carbs.

We began by going to Walmart. I bought $30 worth of Steeler's pajamas which I promptly wore all weekend. We went to an all you can eat sushi/chinese restaurant. "I can't eat anymore!" I remember saying while defending myself from more potstickers. "But they have soft serve," my friend said. Oh sweet West Virginia Jesus, I was beaten. After I had eaten my way through the first day, we finally got down to some serious work.

My friend Danielle could put Martha Stewart out of a job. She makes it look so easy with quick, artist hands. However after she handed me the razor with the instructions to cut 50 30" x 7" strips of paper I became rapidly aware of my own limitations. I couldn't keep the razor straight, or the ruler would slide ruining my straight line. I ruined feet of paper and bleeted expletives and apologies in front of her two year old son. I almost gave up. I ran my razor through my brand new Walmart pajamas. But Danielle's gentle laughs at my missteps and investment in both my invitations and self kept me going. At the end of the second day I was hot gluing like Wyatt Earp if he subscribed to Real Simple.

Halfway through the trip I told Danielle, "There are just some things worth paying for." At the time I meant that my frustrated attempts at creatively saving a few bucks were not worth feeling like the world's biggest anti-craft loser or the back pain associated with kneeling while scoring countless reems of paper. But after personally making 50 invitations for less than $50 and the $100 it took to be flown away to the magic land of West Virginia, where people have manners, endless supplies of ice cream and friends who truly have your back...well that and the Steelers pjs were worth every cent.

Dani's told me I can't post pics of the invites until I send them out, so we'll have to wait on that. I will say that I was able to put together invites, response cards, reception cards and envelopes for less than $50.  I've asked her for some pics of her other invites. Let's see if she posts

Here's a pic of Dani's son and I being fabulous on a Friday afternoon. Nothing like a younger man to remind you when it's time to toss aside the pajamas and flash what your mama gave ya!

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