Monday, September 27, 2010

Cupcake Showdown aka 3:10 to YUMmy

Started off the day with Rachel and an 8 cupcake sampler at Baked in Red Hook. Rachel was very nice and took down some of our info while we sipped our free coffee. We tried the Vanilla with Vanilla buttercream frosting, Oreo (chocolate with vanilla buttercream), Salty Sweet (chocolate with salted caramel frosting), Pistachio, Oopsy Daisy (Chocolate with peanut butter frosting), Coffe (Chocolate with coffee frosting), Lemon Drop and the Red Velvet (the spin is that they use cinnamon buttercream as opposed to the ubiquitous cream cheese). I was really looking forward to trying the coconut, but they didn't have it, and the citrus passion fruit. They ended up slicing me a piece of the latter.

5 minutes later my fiance and I were surrounded by cupcake wrappers and talking like Sylverster Stallone following a sugar stroke. Rachel was patient, however and wrote up an estimate for 11 dozen cupcakes and one 8 inch round cake. At two bucks a cupcake, $39 for the cake, $50 delivery and $25 for the cupcake stand we were looking at $383 total. We chose 4 different flavors: pistachio, citrus passionfruit, oopsy daisy and salty sweet. We had no need to fancy up the cakes, the presentation is classy and fun so no extra cost on that. We can change our order up to two weeks to the event and bonus: The head baker (chef?) is appearing on Top Chef: Just Desserts. I'll be dropping that to all my relatives looking for some NYC wow factor.

We did go to our appointment at Sweet Sugar Sunshine, but did not like the attitude or the cupcake selection. Frankly for 50 cents less a cupcake, they lacked the sophistication we got from Baked (picture birthday cupcakes a la mom). The Baked cakes may not be as breathtakingly beautiful as Cupcake Cafe, but they are half the price and the flavors are much more exciting.

If cupcakes are not your, um, piece of cake? I recommend Momofuku Milk Bar. My sister had her wedding cake made there last weekend and it was AMAZING and just as cheap at $350 for a 3 tier. Not sure what they charge for tax or tip, but the flavor was apple pie cake and included layers of cheesecake filling. My fiance had a boner after half a slice. Thank you Momofuku :)

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