Monday, September 6, 2010

Forever Isn't Free - A NYC Wedding for under $10,000

The minute I got engaged, everyone started asking, "Aren't you SOOOO excited?!" The truth squished the joy right out of their faces. "Um, not so much," I replied. The truth of the matter is, weddings suck. Unless someone with a bottomless wallet is paying for it and you both have friends and family that truly want to see you happy more than they want to see their own fantasies played out or their own rules of ettiquette adhered too, you're in for at least a year of gritting your teeth and lowering your expectations.

I had seen enough of my friends go through it before me to know what I was in for. I also knew that I would be fronting the bill almost exclusively on my own and thanks to an Irish Catholic family that humped like rabbits on my mom's side, and chronic divorce and remarrying on my father's, I was looking at an invite list that consisted of 75 people, cut off right after first cousins and not including dates for anyone.

My fiance was coming over from England and so was his family. In order to make transportation easy for them, I was looking at having a wedding in NYC for no less than 90 people. My budget was $10,000.

This blog is all about my journey to finance a dream wedding on a shoestring that didn't look like I cut any corners and to highlight the wonderful few who helped me get there.


  1. Just came across your site and found it truly inspirational.
    If you haven't found a photographer, I'd love to be considered.You can check out a wedding I just shot at
    Good luck with everything! And please... if you're interested at all, please shoot me a message and I will gladly help arrange a package that suits your budget.

  2. Hey Astami,

    Feel free to post your prices/packages. I checked out your site and you're a great photographer. I have one already, but I'm sure a lot of other brides would appreciate your services!

  3. HI Nylon26:

    What venue did you choose to have your wedding and reception. I am currently going through the same search now!


  4. 107 West. It's on Broadway and 107th St. It's a restaurant, but has the perfect look for a sophisticated wedding. There isn't much signage, but there is a gorgeous glass atrium that juts out onto the street with swaths of white fabric blocking the sun on the roof. I'm going to string white bulbs along the glass ceiling and that's where we're going to have our dancing after the dinnner is cleared. There are three rooms and we are having 90 people. The management is extremely easy to work with and very supportive of our ideas. Including tax and tip, open bar (wine and beer), aps, buffet and dessert it is costing us $5,000. Honestly there is no better deal in ny. They are also letting us play music and keep the restaurant open afterwards for as long as people want to buy drinks. I really didn't think I was going to be able to have a wedding in NYC and 107 West is giving me my dream wedding at an affordable cost.

  5. I am totally with you Jean. Planning a wedding is a pain in the arse, and cost waaaay too much money. Good luck with your challenge and hopefully I can use your tips in a few years ;)