Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Do me a FAVOR, take this crap and love it!

Favors. Why they are called favors, I have no idea. In most cases I feel that I am the one doing the favor by taking that little, superfluous piece of crap off the bride and groom's hands. I mean really, my purse is barely big enough to carry a camera, my wallet, lip gloss and keys. Now you are asking me to shove in a small bag of chocolate covered almonds or a tchotcke that is only going to collect dust until I throw it out 6 mos later? I have to walk around carrying a picture frame an inch tall with YOUR faces in it? A box of four whitman's chocolates? Seriously? The only thing I want at 11 pm after a night of trying to drink the $200 I gifted out of the open bar is a bacon sandwich and a bath.

So now I am sitting in the same position as countless other brides thinking, "What can I give my guests that costs less than $2 that will make them feel how much I appreciate them spending $200 on a hotel room, $300 on plane tickets and buying us the rice maker of our dreams?"

So I thought: What do people want in the dead of a February night, after hours of drinking and dancing? Well probably more to drink, something to warm them, and something very unhealthy. And that's when I got the idea! A hot chocolate bar with "to go" cups and a bottle of peppermint schnapps on the side to Irish up their to go treats as much as they like.

I found some classic NY paper cups for $36 for 100 and white hot chocolate recipes and mixes. I thought I could set up a table near the door where guests can make their own or take some home. Either way, sipping that hot, sugary treat will feel like a soothing hug. Just what I want my guests to feel at the end of a perfect night.

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