Monday, January 24, 2011

Homemade Invitations for less than $1

My friend Danielle (see the link to her blog on my page) and I made these invites in September for less than a $1 for everything. The base of the invite is made from ironed out brown packaging paper and all the signage and pictures were printed out on a standard printer. The outside map is a copy of one from the 16th century. I loved the little angels in the corners. We had my sister superimpose the travel markings and plane on top, I think she used photoshop. They mark the two cities where we lived and the one where we met to form a heart shape. The reception card was made from a 1930s subway map and we used a cross and two crossed champagne glasses to mark on the map where the mass and reception were happening with information on hotels, nearby tourist attractions, etc. on the back. The RSVP card was my favorite. We downloaded the "Keep Calm and Carry On" image and Danielle graffittied it up to say "Marry On" and rescanned it. Once we had both sides mocked up she had the postcards made through an online company. Even the postage inside featuring the Chrystler Building was printed. My mom caligraphied the addresses.


  1. Those invitations are great! I am hosting a DIY Wedding Invitations contest at my website I welcome you to enter! :-)

  2. Everything looked so lovely, until I came to how fowl you can speak, what is the point? The beauty evaporated. You are a teacher?