Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bride Wars part Deux! Prince William Getting Married this Summer in London...

Just found out from my fiance that we're going to have some competition this summer with our wedding in London. That's right after about 8 years of dating Prince Willy Billy is finally making an honest woman out of Waity Katy. The date is set for Spring/Summer of this year but I happen to know from my many days aimlessly touring London while waiting for my little crumpet to finish work this summer, that the Royals take their vacays the last week of July and throughout August which puts them in prime competition with the Whismervik Wedding Cricket Tour 2011!

What I really found to be some "scary biscuits" to use my favorite Brit phrase, was that she is sporting Diana's old engagement ring and an exact replica of the one I was going to get, I mean that I was going to strongly hint to my fiance to get mmmmeeeee, about a year ago.

So if you by any chance want to pass for Ms. Middleton herself and are looking for a similar style, Friar House rings is pretty much as authentic as you get for English period jewelry.

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