Friday, November 19, 2010

Belle Epoque to warm up the winter...

Antique Ring

And of couse Opera Cake is perfect in it's Viennese gloriousness....

Klimt inspired decorations, table settings, etc.....

And lastly a little Claire de Lune by Verlaine to make you feel as if you are Rue de Mouffetard...

Your soul is like a landscape fantasy,
Where masks and Bergamasks, in charming wise,
Strum lutes and dance, just a bit sad to be
Hidden beneath their fanciful disguise.
Singing in minor mode of life's largesse
And all-victorious love, they yet seem quite
Reluctant to believe their happiness,
And their song mingles with the pale moonlight,
The calm, pale moonlight, whose sad beauty, beaming,
Sets the birds softly dreaming in the trees,
And makes the marbled fountains, gushing, streaming--
Slender jet-fountains--sob their ecstasies.

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